shion is the prestiess of the demon country and daughter of mikiru the old preistess whom sealed moryu,moryu is a demon who tried to take over the world using an imortal army of stone soldires he would have succseded if mikiru hadent have been alive.Well back to shion,did you know that befor she met naruto shion was a spoiled brat who had villagers sacrifice their lives for her and always blamed stuff on fate and destiny (sounds familier right if not neji NIGGA!!!!!!!!)that was untill she met naruto she changed her old ways and became a better shion.there is 1 thin the cought me by supprise... SHE ASKED NARUTO TO HAVE A CHILD WITH HER...NARUTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was like:"WHAT DA FUUUUUUUUUCK

NaruShion Rasengan copy
Shion angel mode

angel shion

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