150px-Sage of the Six Paths


Hidan state 2

Hidan 2

6 tailed naruto

6 Tailed Naruto

The only way to kill Naruto is to remove his bijuu the Kyuubi no Youkou witch is sealed inside his body.
State 2 sasuke

State 2 Sasuke

The only way to kill Sasuke is to make him stay in his state 2 form for a long time.The only way to kill Hidan is to kill him while hes not in the jason richual like chop his head off.

Kakuzu 2

The only way to kill Kakuzu is to elimanate all of his hearts.No one knows how to kill Madara yet because no one knows about him but Sasuke.Since Rodukou hasent really been introdused no one knows much about him execpt for Madara,Pain &Naruto.

Madara controling the Kyuubi