Rainbow rinnegan

The rinnegan

The rinnegan only few people control it like naruto,pain and the legendary Sage of the six paths.They say the Six path sage created all ninjutsu and the moon only by using his rinnegan.He created the moon with his Chibaku tensei:gravity ball a little ball that if throne in the air rips the rock and the earth off the ground and sucks it right into the ball and that how he created the moon.
120px-Mangekyou Sharingan Sasuke svg

Mongekyo sharingan

The mongekyo sharingan since the whole uchiha clan was wiped out only kakashi,sasuke&the originater of the mongekyo madara have it.I say madara created the sun in the show but im not sure.The most powerful mongekyo move is the:Pupil technique:destinie threat its said that if look in the eyes of the user you burst into black flames an die.


The byacugan know as the Evil eye or the all seeing eye it gives you 360 degree vision there are alot of users of the byacugan so I can't name them all.The byacugan enables you to see the persons chakara points and destoy or block them.